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A Few Good Reasons Why Peter Knight Rocks

Peter Knight works with Massimo and Alex and co. at Tinker.it. He’s written some great AVR code, which is useful in Arduino.  For example: Secret Thermometer takes advantage of the ATMega’s internal thermometer. Turns your ‘328-based Arduino into a thermometer … Continue reading

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Physical x Wonderfl

Shigeru Kobayashi, who made Gainer and Funnel, has made yet another nifty tool for physical computing:  physical x wonderfl. It combines Gainer, Funnel, Firmata, Arduino, and Wonderfl.

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Sound in to a Microntroller

Microcontrollers can take sound in as an analog input, for crude measurements. While 8-bit ones  (the Basic Stamp, BX-24, PIC, Arduino, etc) are not fast enough to read the frequency difference between various sounds, they can read sound levels. A … Continue reading

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