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RFID to Web Interface

This tutorial introduces a Processing interface sketch provides a GUI for the command-line interface written into the Arduino RFID example. You should read that tutorial first. The sketch shown here also allows you to upload tags it reads to O’Reilly’s … Continue reading

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Writing to Mifare RFID tags

Mifare RFID tags, like other RFID tags, contain a serial number that can be read using an RFID reader, but they also have a limited amount of memory space that you can write data to, and read back from.  This … Continue reading

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Reading Mifare RFID Tags

This tutorial explains how to read from Mifare RFID tags from your computer using a Sonmicro SM130 read/write module. The sketch below is written in Processing using my SonmicroReader library. The SM130 has a TTL serial interface that you can … Continue reading

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