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Civil Technologies: The Values of Nonprofit ICT Use

There’s a new report out from the Social Science Research Council’s Information Technology and International Cooperation program, “Civil Technologies: The Values of Nonprofit ICT Use,” by Ken Jordan and Mark Surman with funding from the Ford Foundation. This report is the last in a series of three major reports on the Internet, governance and civil society that were published by the ITIC program.

The report “explores exemplary instances of nonprofit ICT adoption by civil society groups from around the world, and draws attention to ways the values of civil society are reinforced and extended through their use of digital tools. It is informed by eleven interviews exploring the specific ICT implementations that had a significant, positive impact on the operations of civil society groups. These include: Advocacy Project (Malaysia), Fantsuam Foundation (Nigeria), Front Line Defenders (Ireland), Brian Fitzgerald, Greenpeace, Interfaith Project, The Center for a New American Dream, New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA), Planned Parenthood, Ruckus Society, St. Christopher House (Canada). The report is available for download at the Social Science Research Council site.

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