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7 in 7 notes

I wasn’t able to keep up with the ITP residents during 7 in 7, but I got a couple of projects done.

Twitter sign

For a long time, I’ve had some pretty little LED displays on my desk from Avago, the HCMS-297x 1×8 display. I made a Twitter reader with them and an Arduino and a serial to ethernet module. Here it is on video:

It was useful for two reasons: I worked out how to read a twitter feed using an arduino, and I worked out the basics of a library for the Avago displays, thanks to Pascal Stang’s font5x7 library. I’ll document it properly sometime soon.

Physical Computing Workshop
Circuit boards for Lumens

I missed the last three days of 7 in 7 to go to Adams, MA, to give a physical computing workshop at Greylock Arts. It was good fun. I also helped artists Matthew Belanger, Venn Voisey and Sean Riley put together 30 or so Arduino-based circuit boards for Lumens, a piece they are working on that opens in July.

Here are the circuit boards. They took us two days:
Sadly, that’s all I got done!

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