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Word Problem

In the remake of The Taking of Pelham 123, a one-car train of the R142/142A generation of NYC subway cars starts up at approximately 33rd st. on the Lexington line.  It’s carrying 16 people.  With the throttle rigged to full-speed, it is routed towards Coney Island.  One stop before Coney Island, it’s clocked at 62mph. It trips on a red signal at that station, and decelerates to a stop at Coney.

a) Is there a route from Lex & 33 to Coney Island?
b) How far does the train travel?
c) assuming a constant acceleration at the train’s maximum possible, how long does it take to reach its top speed at the station before Coney Island?
d) Is any of this possible?

Refer to the following, and any other resources you have, in your answer:

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