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A few Space Annotation Projects

TouchTone Tours – Personal Guides to a city using mobile phones. Run by ITP alum Steve Bull

Tag – Wireless game in Times Square

Urban Tapestries – “Public Authoring in the Wireless City” – space annotation project on a large scale. ITP alum Nick West is now working with them.

Can You See Me Now? – Location-tracking game using mobile phones and GPS, by Blast Theory

Uncle Roy All Around You – Sort of “Where’s Waldo?” but played in the streets, using SMS, webcams, and audio messaging.

The Go Game – role playing games meet mobile phones.

HipnTasty – Wireless entertainment apoplications aimed primarily at young women

Hypertag – Bluetooth/IR tags for short-range transmission to mobile phones, used to annotate spaces.

GPS Drawing – large scale drawing using GPS waypoints as dots in the drawing.

GeoStickies – a space annotation project on cell phones

AT&T Find Friends – delivers location of friends based on their position in the cellular network.

Thanks to Liz Goodman, Andrea Moed, and Aya Karpinska for the links.

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