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I’ve been neglecting my Phys Comp Notes blog for over a year now, partially because I wanted to post about things other than physical computing, and partially because I was busy writing other stuff. When I went back to it, I decided to scrap it all and start anew. I imported the posts that seemed most interesting to me, and deleted the rest. So if there’s something you’re missing from the previous blog, let me know and I’ll see if I can find it.

Also, I need a name for this thing.

Thanks for reading.  Enjoy.

-Tom Igoe
31 August 2007 


  1. I tried to access your “My siteplayer code samples” and received a “web page not found message.”
    Is there a new link I cna use ot see your Picbasic pro samples?


  2. Lynn Nezin Lynn Nezin

    Dear Tom: I had the pleasure of hearing you speak at the Innovators Meetup this evening, but refrained from speaking with you because you were engaged in conversation. So much of what you said, and in particular, the way you presented your concepts, impressed me because of both the clarity and the paucity with which you expressed your thoughts. I teach a course on motivational theory on occasion for the psychology department at Hunter College, and often have my class brainstorm on participatory concepts, such as how to make NYC more civil to pedestrians. You have given me a lot to think about this evening, and for that, I thank you. Best wishes and looking forward to following your work. Lynn Nezin

  3. Thanks very much! Glad I could be useful to you…

  4. Hazim Hazim

    hi. hello. sir, may i know why your source code cannot be run in processing. i think i miss its library. may i know what library you used? here is the link of your source code.

  5. The only library used is the serial library, which is included with Processing’s core libraries.

  6. Fred Murphy Fred Murphy

    I’m starting from scratch reading “Making Things Talk” the first two exercises have given me errors and simple as they seem. I’m programing on a Mac. Maybe it’s so old nothing is working!
    Any thoughts!

  7. Impossible to say without knowing what errors you’re getting. But check the Processing forums for suggestions, or simply paste the errors into Google and see what somes up.

  8. Hi Tom, just wanted to say I’m having an absolute blast with Making Things Talk, really appreciate the enormous amount of effort that must have gone in to producing it. I finished my first usable project, an aurora forecaster based on your air quality meter: Aurora Forcaster

  9. Glad it’s working out well for you! Congrats on the project.

  10. Nicholas Nicholas

    Quick question. Arduino example code GsmWebServer. Did you test this? If so, who was the service provider. I need the arduino to sit and wait for requests but for that, it must have a unique address correct? I am trying to find a network provider which will allow me to have this small arduino server which will only be doing small things.


  11. CreativeWorld CreativeWorld

    hello , i really appreciate “Making things Talks” it was very usefull thank you for your effort . Now, i’m waiting for “Beginning NFC ” , may i know the date of the first release ?

  12. Thanks. Should be out in the next couple months. We’re in final edits now.

  13. Best to check on the Arduino forums for the answer there.

  14. Mike simpson Mike simpson

    Where can I find the library*, because that library doesn’t exit as per forums I’ve check with thus far. Any altnate approaches I should try?s

    See MakingThingTalk2 chapter 9 project 22 page 306.

    Mike Simpson
    (385) 205-0483 cell

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