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Practice, Practice, Practice

Ashlynn Dewey just sent me links to a new Nike+ ad that she ran across that reminded her of our physical computing class(thanks, Ash!). It’s a great video that shows a couple of supercool Japanese DJs making music on specially equipped Nike shoes. I really enjoyed it. Then I saw the “making of” video.

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This summer I got to assist on a project by artists Matthew Belanger, Sean Riley,  Ven Voisey, and producer Marianne Petit on a neat project called Lumens.  Actually, they did all the work, I just offered a little guidance to get things started.  It’s an installation of 160 networked lamps situated in two galleries in the towns of Adams and North Adams, Massachusetts, and the online arts organization  The lamps in each gallery react to visitors walking through the space, as well as responding to movements in the other space. In addition, visitors online can turn on the lamps as well.

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Wordle is awesome. I want a poster of this.Thanks, Clay for the link.

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Lucas Cueni

Lucas Cueni has a blog of various interactive projects, most of which involve multiple physical objects making up a larger image, physical pixel-style.

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Computer Vision for Artists and Designers

Golan Levin gives a nice introduction to computer vision in this essay, including a little history of the use of CV in art, and examples of some of the tools and problems involved. For anyone beginning to look into computer vision from a non-engineering perspective, Computer Vision for Artists and Designers: Pedagogic Tools and Techniques for Novice Programmers is a good place to start.

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