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Here’s a handy little data source, probably fun for webscraping and visualizations: Thanks to Kristin O’Friel for the link.

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A Public Inconvenience

What do we miss by ignoring the factthat public toilets are also the site for a variety of socialpractices?’A Public Inconvenience’ will explore the experience and affect ofpublic toilets in an urban environment, in this case Amsterdam.Through observation and engagement we will consider how public toiletsare shaped by, and themselves shape, cultural practices, values, andattitudes…. That is, the placesand times that are often on the periphery of everyday life – thejourney to work or the time spent queuing in a shop.To be considered for participation, researchers and practitioners areinvited to send us a compelling public toilet story (see The Storiessection of the website for inspiration), an optional toiletphotograph, a brief biography, and a short rationale outlining yourinterest in the workshop.

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Urban Atmospheres

From their info page:”At the intersection of mobile and social computing, we seek to provoke discussion aimed at understanding this emerging space of computing within and across our public urban landscapes – Urban Computing.”While toting a laptop around a city may seem a like an example of such city computing, Urban Atmospheres research is more deeply concerned with addressing several sub-themes, including (but not limited to):”Place – What is the meaning of various public places?… How will navigation and movement, either throughout an entire city or within a small urban space, be influenced by the introduction of Urban Computing technology?”The single main research challenge of Urban Atmospheres research is to understand how this future fabric of digital and wireless computing will influence, disrupt, expand, and be integrated into the social patterns existent within our public urban landscapes.”Street TalkUrban Atmospheres held a good workshop in the summer of 2004, Street Talk.

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E-Tech Notes 2004

He and his company are doing a “Wireless Roadshow to teach local technology NGOs how wireless technologies can be used to bring Internet and intranet connectivity to those parts of the world not included in the plans of the commercial telecommunications companies.”He also showed a nifty and very small wireless mesh router, a cube about 3 inches on a side…. Lili covered the history of the social computing group really well, and gave great context and setup for Wallop, an environment they’re working on which maps and organizes relationships between you and the people you care about, through emails, photos, shared work, and other documents.Rael Dornfest’s Mobile Hacks session was mighty geeky, and a lot of fun.

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