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Over the course of the last few weeks I’ve collected various links and references from various discussions. I’m copying them here so as not to lose them. They are pretty random. Thanks to all who shared these with me. Steve Daniels shared many of these with me, but some came from Sketching in Hardware 2020, especially Ranjit Bhatnagar.

Gandyworks indexing experiments – Instagram feed of beautiful drawing machine animation, and a beautiful mechanism too. A dark piece of paper rotates on a turntable as a pen moves across the surface, drawing geometric patterns.

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Indexing experiments

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Felipepantone: Instagram feed of graphic experiments and illustrations. A rotating disk of what appears to be polarizers reveals a color wheel, going from white through the spectrum of colors, to black.

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Mohit Boite: a series of lovely small LED, electronic, and brass sculptures.

Peter Vogel: electronic sculptures in which the circuit itself — wires, metal bards, etc. – form the sculpture.

LEAP Technology – Elastic Sensors and Actuators. Might be worth looking into for new sensors.

Foundation for Public Code – From the site: “Through codebase stewardship we help public-purpose open source codebases become successful by guaranteeing their quality and marketability. Trustworthy, usable, maintained and sustainable public code for your public organization.” The aim is to maintain and be able to evaluate open source projects for use in the public interest — by governments, NGOs, etc.

Prototype Nation: China and the Contested Promise of Innovation – Silvia Lindtner’s new book

My Robot Gets Me: How Social Design Can Make New Products More Human – Carla Diana’s new book

Maria Yablonina – Biomimetic processes in architecture. From her bio: “Maria Yablonina is an artist, researcher and designer working in the field of robotic fabrication with a focus on custom, task specific machines for making.” Thanks Kate Hartman for the link.

Johannes Langkamp – an Instagram feed of simple machines as art. The one below shows a bellows-like machine driven by a motor and a cam. mechanism.

The Perception gap – Instagram feed explaining the gap between developing new skills and developing tastes, and how that can lead you to think (mistakenly) that your work is not good.

Xu Bing – Great graphic design work, featuring Book from the Ground, a book written entirely in iconic symbols.

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