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In the News, Aug 2020

A couple of interesting articles on technology recently:

New York Times, “Poor Planning Left California Short of Electricity in a Heat Wave” Ivan Penn. Power grids underlie everything we do, and their regulation and planning is interesting to me to consider as a lesson, good or bad, on the future of telecommunications networks. California is a particularly active example. Thanks to Denise Hand for the link.

Related to the previous, Future Today Institute, Get ready for grid-lock, a trend report on what to expect from the US power grid during the pandemic. Thanks to Ellen Nickles for the link.

Also related, ABC News, Electrical fluctuations from virus fast forward Hawaii time, Associated Press. A story about how changing demand on the power grid in Hawaii as a result of quarantine has affected the timing of clocks that are connected to AC power. Thanks to Jeff Feddersen for the link.

Washington Post, “Amazon’s creepy new health wearable analyzes your voice and your body” Geoffrey A. Fowler. Does anyone distinguish between “wearables” and “trackables”? Thanks to Denise Hand for the link.

Atlas Obscura, When New Yorkers Were Menaced by Banana Peels Alex Mayyasi. Like Oscar the Grouch, I love trash, and this historical read about New York’s trash history was fun to read. Thanks to Denise Hand for the link.

Twitter thread on wastewater tracking as a way to track coronavirus outbreaks. Charles Fishman. Not independently verified, but interesting to consider. Thanks to Rashida Kamal and Trash Club for the link.

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