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Category: art & performance

Design Noir: The Secret Life of Electronic Objects

“Design Noir: The Secret Life of Electronic Objects” (Anthony Dunne, Fiona Raby) ©2001, Princeton Architectural Press; ISBN: 3764365668Dunne, an architect, and Raby, a furniture designer, discuss their approach to design as a means of critique. They present the idea of “value victions”, stories in which the technology is the same, but values are radically different, as opposed to “science fictions”, in which the values are the same, but technologies are different.

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Jen Lewin’s project page, including her thesis project, Butterfly. Jen’s documentation of her work is very thorough, including descriptions, schematics, code, notes on gears and motors, and much much more.

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A few Space Annotation Projects

Run by ITP alum Steve BullTag – Wireless game in Times SquareUrban Tapestries – “Public Authoring in the Wireless City” – space annotation project on a large scale…. but played in the streets, using SMS, webcams, and audio messaging.The Go Game – role playing games meet mobile phones.HipnTasty – Wireless entertainment apoplications aimed primarily at young womenHypertag – Bluetooth/IR tags for short-range transmission to mobile phones, used to annotate spaces.GPS Drawing – large scale drawing using GPS waypoints as dots in the drawing.GeoStickies – a space annotation project on cell phonesAT&T Find Friends – delivers location of friends based on their position in the cellular network.Thanks to Liz Goodman, Andrea Moed, and Aya Karpinska for the links.

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Chuck Genco

I’m really fond of Victorian style mechanisms, built in brass and dark woods. Chuck Genco’s work seems to be a great example of it, though I’ve never seen it in real life.

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