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Category: art & performance

International Fashion Machines

“International Fashion Machines is a design and research company whose broad mission is to understand and transform the aesthetic and material properties of technology…. IFM’s projects in this area range from one-of-a kind interactive textile artworks to research for the military and design and strategy for the fashion industry.”

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Music Thing Blog

The Music Thing Blog is a collection of resources and articles on all things related to digital and interactive music systems. If you’re interested in interaction design and music, it’s worth a read.

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Sajjadah 1426

Sajjadah 1426 is a prayer rug woven with electroluminescent wire that increases its brightness as it’s pointed more toward Mecca. A compass module built into the rug senses the orientation and changes the brightness of the EL wires.

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Axel Mulder’s Page

Axel Mulder’s page on Movement & Music Technorati Tags: art, electronics, music, pcomp, physical computing

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IRCAM’s Site for Gesture Capture in Music Technorati Tags: art, computer vision, electronics, music, pcomp, physical computing

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Experiments in Art & Technology

This biographical note from the Getty site, which details the project well, explains it in a nutshell:”E.A.T., an organization devoted to promoting the interaction between art and technology, developed from the philosophies of Marshall McLuhan and Buckminster Fuller…. Staff and participants explored or experimented with these and the precursors of many technologies that are now commonplace: chat lines, fax machines, lasers, cable television, and digitized graphics.”By the early 1970s, E.A.T.’s artist and engineer matching service, called the Technical Services Program, boasted 6, 000 members.

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