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Category: art & performance

International Fashion Machines

“International Fashion Machines is a design and research company whose broad mission is to understand and transform the aesthetic and material properties of technology…. IFM’s projects in this area range from one-of-a kind interactive textile artworks to research for the military and design and strategy for the fashion industry.”

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Music Thing Blog

The Music Thing Blog is a collection of resources and articles on all things related to digital and interactive music systems. If you’re interested in interaction design and music, it’s worth a read.

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Sajjadah 1426

Sajjadah 1426 is a prayer rug woven with electroluminescent wire that increases its brightness as it’s pointed more toward Mecca. A compass module built into the rug senses the orientation and changes the brightness of the EL wires.

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Axel Mulder’s Page

Axel Mulder’s page on Movement & Music Technorati Tags: art, electronics, music, pcomp, physical computing

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IRCAM’s Site for Gesture Capture in Music Technorati Tags: art, computer vision, electronics, music, pcomp, physical computing

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