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Citizen Participation and Urban Monitoring

Two projects on citizen participation in local government, monitoring and maintenance of urban spaces:

Fund for the City of New York’s ComNet:
“ComNET, a program created by the Fund’s Center on Municipal Government Performance (CMGP), introduces easily operated hand-held computers to community organizations so that troublesome street level conditions can be recorded and tabulated quickly, easily and accurately.

“Then reports are produced electronically for the government agencies and other organizations that are responsible for correcting the problems. Community representatives track how conditions change over time.”

And exactly the same project in Connecticut:

“City Scan is a project using cutting-edge technology to empower and involve citizens, of all ages, in local government.

“In City Scan projects, citizens prioritize desired improvements to the physical environment of their community and gather information on how well government services deliver results.

“On city streets, residents—from youth to seniors—collect data about neighborhood conditions (e.g. graffiti, potholes) with handheld computers, custom-designed software, wireless modems, Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) receivers and digital cameras.”

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