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Physicality, Conviviality, and Openness

Physicality, conviviality, and openness are the themes of a series of talks I gave last week to the HCI group at RWTH Aachen, thanks to Jan Borchers.  These three ideas run through most of the work I’ve been doing over the past few years, and they’ve cropped up in a number of my talks recently. Briefly:

Physicality: interaction is inherently physical because we have bodies.  Physical computing is a means of exploring how we can sense and respond to physical expression.

Conviviality: there’s been a lot of talk about the Internet of Things the past few years. I used to think it was a good idea, but now I see it as misleading.  Communications networks exist to facilitate the play of relationships. We should foreground the relationship rather than the thing that enables it.

Openness: open sharing of ideas can spur innovation and interconnection, that’s already known.  I think it can also spur innovation in how we close the loop from trash to raw materials.

The slideshows below are not proper essays on the topics, but they hopefully give an idea of where my thinking is on the topics at the moment.

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