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This summer I got to assist on a project by artists Matthew Belanger, Sean Riley,  Ven Voisey, and producer Marianne Petit on a neat project called Lumens.  Actually, they did all the work, I just offered a little guidance to get things started.  It’s an installation of 160 networked lamps situated in two galleries in the towns of Adams and North Adams, Massachusetts, and the online arts organization  The lamps in each gallery react to visitors walking through the space, as well as responding to movements in the other space. In addition, visitors online can turn on the lamps as well.

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Michihito Mizutani

Michihito Mizutani is a researcher at School of Design at the University of Art and Design Helsinki, Finland.  His interaction design work is worth checking…

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Here’s a handy little data source, probably fun for webscraping and visualizations: Thanks to Kristin O’Friel for the link.

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Shaping Things

Bruce Sterling’s take on a plausible future in which everything made has a network address, and therefore a documented and documentable history. He takes this vision to its extreme, showing how it changes everything from design to manufacturing to consumption to disposal of material goods.

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<p><a href=”” target=”_other”>IWAR</a> – the Information Warfare site.

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AODV – An Ad Hoc Routing Protocol

From the intro page: “The Ad hoc On Demand Distance Vector (AODV) routing algorithm is a routing protocol designed for ad hoc mobile networks…. “This could be very useful for certain types of networked objects, when spontaneous and casual connections are needed, along the lines of edstr&#246;m, Holmquist, Dahlberg and Ljungstrand’s Ad Hoc Information Spaces, among others.The Mobility Management and Networking Lab (MOMENT), home of AODV.Elizabeth M.

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Making Things Talk at E-Tech

Brian Jepson and I will be giving a workshop on Making Things Talk at O’Reilly’s Emerging Technology conference this year…. The controller is a variation on some of the projects in the book, and should enable a very special activity that’s not always seen at E-Tech…

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Openmoko First Run

A few notes:It took me an hour and a half to flash the root file system and kernel on it…. The operating system takes longer to load than OSX 10.4 on my macbook.There are a couple things about the UI that bother me: It’s not obvious how to answer or hang up a callThere’s no obvious way to access system settings through the UIIt’s apparently not yet possible to send or get text messages.I hope it gets better.

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Open Beacon – Open active RFID

It’s basically an open design for actrive RFID:”OpenBeacon is a free design for an active RFID device which operates in the 2.4GHz ISM band…. The intention of this project is to offer a wide range of use cases such as visitor or item tracking and wireless remote control with a free self-contained and low-cost RFID design.”Thanks to Massimo Banzi for the link.

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