RobĀ Faludi just turned me on to CoolTerm, a serial terminal app for OSX and Windows. It looks like a nice addition, and is cross platform, which is handy for teaching; no need to reference different apps on different platforms. I’ve only tried it out a little, but so far, it’s nice. You can have multiple ports open in multiple windows, and you can see bytes in ASCII or hex. It’d be nice to see them in decimal too, but that’s just a wish.

International Keyboard Mapping Fun

I’ve had requests from folks outside the US asking how to get the arcane keyboard commands needed for the screen program in OSX. For those who’ve used screen commands, you know that to get out of a screen session, you hit control-A followed by control-\ and then respond Y when it asks if you want to close all screen windows. On the Norwegian keyboard mapping of OSX, we could find no way to get control-\. So we found a workaround. Change the keyboard layout to the US keyboard, like so:

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