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MKR GSM 1400 Pre-flight Checklist

I’ve been getting to know the MKR GSM 1400 boards better the past few days, and in the process I’ve assembled a “pre-flight checklist” of things you’ll want to do first, in order to make sure everything is ready to … Continue reading

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BlinkyTape using NeoPixel Library

Blinkinlabs is shipping their product now after their successful KickStarter campaign, and I got mine in the mail a couple days ago. I had a few minutes and thought I’d get a basic example up and running. The Blinkinlabs documentation … Continue reading

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Serial to Browser using node.js

Updated 28 July 2015 This is a brief introduction to using node.js and websockets to connect a serial device, like an Arduino microcontroller, to a browser. To make this happen you’ll need: An Arduino, and the Arduino IDE an HTML5-capable browser. … Continue reading

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Datalogging with Arduino

There are several ways to save data from a sensor attached to an Arduino. If you’re connected to a personal computer, you can simply send the data from the Arduino to the personal computer serially, and save it to a … Continue reading

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Glif + DSO Nano: two great tastes…

I was recently given a Glif, and even though I don’t own an iPhone 4, the Glif has been very useful. It it’s a perfect tripod mount for my DSO Nano oscilloscope, and makes it easier to prop the scope … Continue reading

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Networked Bed Presence sensor

John Schimmel and I had a meeting with a friend the other day who has chronic condition, and is looking for tools to notify her family and friends of her activity at home, so she can live more independently. A … Continue reading

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Using PepperMill to turn a motor into a sensor

Nicolas Villar sent me a sample of the PepperMill, a new sensor board he and Steve Hodges designed at Microsoft Research in Cambridge, UK.  It’s a nifty little board.  You attach a DC motor and the board can an output … Continue reading

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Rob Faludi just turned me on to CoolTerm, a serial terminal app for OSX and Windows. It looks like a nice addition, and is cross platform, which is handy for teaching; no need to reference different apps on different platforms. I’ve … Continue reading

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Bluetooth Mate with Lilypad

Coming late to the game, I’m trying out a Bluetooth Mate from SparkFun with an Arduino Lilypad.Overall, it’s a nice Bluetooth radio to use with microcontrollers.  A few thoughts on getting it working:

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Intervalometer and motion trigger for Nikon D90

Matt Mets has written a nice Nikon remote control library for Arduino. I used it to make a motion trigger and intervalometer. It looks like this:

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