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What is “Real-Time”, Anyway?

Recently, a colleague of mine was working on a project with an Arduino Yún that involved reading a lot of sensor data using the Yún’s Arduino processor and writing it to the microSD card via the board’s Linux processor to … Continue reading

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Glif + DSO Nano: two great tastes…

I was recently given a Glif, and even though I don’t own an iPhone 4, the Glif has been very useful. It it’s a perfect tripod mount for my DSO Nano oscilloscope, and makes it easier to prop the scope … Continue reading

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Converting an Arduino Diecimila into an ICSP programmer

Kimio Kosaka has made a way to program a virgin Atmega168 without a hardware programmer.  You use a modified version of the avrdude programming software that can access the extra pins of an FTDI USB-to-serial chip, do a little soldering … Continue reading

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Reading Multiple Serial Ports in Processing

This program reads multiple serial ports and lets you know when data comes from one port or the other. The two ports in this example are attached to ID Innovations ID-12 RFID readers. The ID-12 readers send a string that … Continue reading

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Random Numbers and Physical Computing

That can take up lots of processing time, so it’s usually the first function to go when writing a microprocessor language.In fact, most of what you do in programming physical computing projects is to figure out how to deal with the world’s natural randomness and make it look smooth…. Your consciousness is a great leveller for the sensors that are your eyes, ears, skin, nose, and taste buds When you move a photoresistor from one room to another, your readings will be totally different, and all of a sudden, you have to re-calculate what is "average" and what constitutes the lighting change that you want. Continue reading

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