Mignon Game Kit

The Mignon Game kit is an Atmel-based game board. It’s got a simple LED display and a few buttons, and is designed for beginners to start writing handheld video games on it in BASCOM’s AVR BASIC.

I first posted about this in 2005 when I heard about it, and haven’t seen a lot on it lately. But this week I met Olaf Val, who makes the kit, and he’s a really nice, smart guy with some interesting ideas and projects. Worth checking out his other work too.

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SchmartBoards are pre-traced printed circuit boards that support a majority of electronic component types, both through-hole and surface-mount. The pre-traced aspect of the board means there are less wire jumpers required than in other prototyping systems. This makes for a much cleaner board and keeps wiring errors to an absolute minimum.”
Basically, these things make it a whole lot easier to interface surface-mount components with breadboard projects and hand-soldered perfboard projects.

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Tinsel Trading Company

LEah Buechley sent a note about Tinsel Trading Company:

“I got a lovely package from Tinsel Trading company today & this reminded me to email you about them. They’re on 38th St in manhattan & they have an amazing cache of vintage metal fabrics, threads, & trimmings, many breathtaking. Most threads are too delicate for machine stitching, but perfect for couture. calling out to be put to use in some beautiful itp project ;-)”

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