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Node.js on the Arduino Yún

Recently, Federico Fissore added node.js to the package repository for the Arduino Yún. Here’s how you get node to communicate with the Arduino processor on the Yún via the Bridge library. To do this, you’ll need an Arduino Yún, a … Continue reading

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A Few Good Reasons Why Peter Knight Rocks

Peter Knight works with Massimo and Alex and co. at Tinker.it. He’s written some great AVR code, which is useful in Arduino.  For example: Secret Thermometer takes advantage of the ATMega’s internal thermometer. Turns your ‘328-based Arduino into a thermometer … Continue reading

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Physical x Wonderfl

Shigeru Kobayashi, who made Gainer and Funnel, has made yet another nifty tool for physical computing:  physical x wonderfl. It combines Gainer, Funnel, Firmata, Arduino, and Wonderfl.

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Multiple time stamp checks on a microcontroller

Sometimes you need to manage multiple events with a microcontroller that all require different timing.  For example, you might want to control a servomotor (which requires a 20 millisecond delay), blink an LED once a second, and read some sensors … Continue reading

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Using an Accelerometer to Sense Which Way Is Up

ITP just got some nifty flat panel mounts that can rotate 360 degrees. They’re very easy to move, it takes only one hand. When I saw them, I thought, “what good is a rotating mount if the content on the … Continue reading

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Sensorbase datalogger

Sensorbase.org is an open data repository run by the Center for Embedded Networked Sensing at UCLA. It’s a database of sensor databases. You can upload datasets to it, and you can browse other datasets as well. If you’ve never set … Continue reading

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