Traceroute scraper in Processing

There are many web-based interfaces to traceroute available, including a nice list at  Here’s a Processing sketch that retrieves the raw HTML from one of them and separates the traceroute lines into time taken, hop IP, and hop name.

This sketch can be modified to scrape other web-based traceroute apps, but you’d need to change the last two methods, parseHop() and printHopList(), depending on how your particular app formats the results. You’d also need to change the global variables at the top that pertain to the site being used.

One caveat: the traceroute takes some time.

To see the full output of the HTML call, change debug to true.

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Chat Server in Processing

Here’s a basic chat server written in Processing.  It’s a bit more complex than the basic test server.  This server keeps track of all the clients who log into it in an ArrayList.  Using an ArrayList is useful when you need to do more complex things with the clients, as in my pong server from Making Things Talk. This is the most minimal server I could come up with that keeps a list of its clients.

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