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Serial ports on an iPhone?

hc gilje posted some useful notes on accessing the serial ports of an iPhone. Bottom line: Apple has not made it easy to let the iphone communicate with external devices. Basically, you need a jailbroken phone to do anything. That … Continue reading

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Rob Faludi just turned me on to CoolTerm, a serial terminal app for OSX and Windows. It looks like a nice addition, and is cross platform, which is handy for teaching; no need to reference different apps on different platforms. I’ve … Continue reading

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Bluetooth Mate with Lilypad

Coming late to the game, I’m trying out a Bluetooth Mate from SparkFun with an Arduino Lilypad.Overall, it’s a nice Bluetooth radio to use with microcontrollers.  A few thoughts on getting it working:

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Reading data from a uLog logger, saving to a file

Here’s a Processing sketch that takes data from Sparkfun’s uLog datalogger via a serial port, and saves the results to a file. To use this, you’ll need: uLog datalogger with some data on it USB-to-serial adaptor; there are many types … Continue reading

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