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ApeNetFrom the homepage of Apenet:”ApeNet is a consortium of foundations and individuals who support interconnecting great apes with each other, as well as with humans, through enculturation and technology. ApeNet was founded by British musician Peter Gabriel and American philanthropist Steven Woodruff to provide new living and communication solutions for enculturated great apes.”Mission:”To link enculturated great apes with each other through the internet, establish culture-based great ape preserves, establish an internet-based Journal, and to encourage and support great ape welfare and conservation.

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caffeine online

Thanks to Yosef Birnboim for the link.See also the Trojan Room Coffee Machine, which was the first web cam…. The coff-e-mail project at Texas A&M follows in the spirit of the Trojan Room Coffee Machine.Thanks to Anees Assali for the link.

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E-Tech Notes 2004

He and his company are doing a “Wireless Roadshow to teach local technology NGOs how wireless technologies can be used to bring Internet and intranet connectivity to those parts of the world not included in the plans of the commercial telecommunications companies.”He also showed a nifty and very small wireless mesh router, a cube about 3 inches on a side…. Lili covered the history of the social computing group really well, and gave great context and setup for Wallop, an environment they’re working on which maps and organizes relationships between you and the people you care about, through emails, photos, shared work, and other documents.Rael Dornfest’s Mobile Hacks session was mighty geeky, and a lot of fun.

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AmbientROOM, Hiroshi Ishii’s CHI98 paper on an ambient technology project at the Tangible Media group, MIT Technorati Tags: networked objects, networks

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A few Space Annotation Projects

Run by ITP alum Steve BullTag – Wireless game in Times SquareUrban Tapestries – “Public Authoring in the Wireless City” – space annotation project on a large scale…. but played in the streets, using SMS, webcams, and audio messaging.The Go Game – role playing games meet mobile phones.HipnTasty – Wireless entertainment apoplications aimed primarily at young womenHypertag – Bluetooth/IR tags for short-range transmission to mobile phones, used to annotate spaces.GPS Drawing – large scale drawing using GPS waypoints as dots in the drawing.GeoStickies – a space annotation project on cell phonesAT&T Find Friends – delivers location of friends based on their position in the cellular network.Thanks to Liz Goodman, Andrea Moed, and Aya Karpinska for the links.

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Internet0 is an initiative at MIT, very like the Networked Objects class at ITP, but executed on a lower level of abstraction (i.e. all the engineeering is done from scratch, rather than using commercially available embedded net solutions).

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