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Category: physical computing

Maker Faire Austin 2008

This weekend I went down to Austin, Texas for Maker Faire Austin, the 2008 edition.  ITP resident researchers Rory Nugent and Hyeki Min went with me, as did recent alums So-Young Park and Young-Hyun Chung.   Between us, we took eight ITP projects: Young-Hyun’s Digital Wheel Art, So-Young’s  Music & Fashion Coordinator, Tom Gerhardt’s FireLight, Christian Cerrito’s Brushbots, Che-Wei Wang and Kristin O’Friel’s Momo, Rory’s Square Band, Alex Reeder’s Butterfly Dress,and Eric Rosenthal’s Liquid ID Spectrometer. It was exhausting showing work for two days straight, but a lot of fun as well.

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This summer I got to assist on a project by artists Matthew Belanger, Sean Riley,  Ven Voisey, and producer Marianne Petit on a neat project called Lumens.  Actually, they did all the work, I just offered a little guidance to get things started.  It’s an installation of 160 networked lamps situated in two galleries in the towns of Adams and North Adams, Massachusetts, and the online arts organization  The lamps in each gallery react to visitors walking through the space, as well as responding to movements in the other space. In addition, visitors online can turn on the lamps as well.

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