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Category: physical computing

caffeine online

Thanks to Yosef Birnboim for the link.See also the Trojan Room Coffee Machine, which was the first web cam…. The coff-e-mail project at Texas A&M follows in the spirit of the Trojan Room Coffee Machine.Thanks to Anees Assali for the link.

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Natalie Jeremijenko

I don’t even particularly like robots, but I love the way this project visualizes invisible information (concentrations of toxins on a given site) using a technology that has been domesticated from military and industrial use into a child’s toy.Howstuffismade. This assignment, given to her design students, has grown into an excellent source of information on how various products are made, including chemical, material, labor, and political issues involved.

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Michael Naimark

His work ranges across video, anthrolopological documentation, perceptual research, technological research, and more.Michael’s report for the Leonardo Journal, Artslab, is a must-read for anyone interested in artwork that incorporates digital technologies. It includes information about existing and historical centers of support for such work, presenting venues, schools, and more.Michael’s Spring 2004 ITP class, “A Nonlinear History of New Media” produced a nice timeline of new media and related work and blog of their reading and discussion.

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Robot Builder’s Bonanza

“Robot Builder’s Bonanza, Third Edition (Robot Builder’s Bonanza)” (Gordon McComb, Myke Predko) ©2000, McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing; ISBN: 0071362967For those looking to build robot projects or any form of kinetic sculpture, this is a great reference. The author discusses problems often encountered in making robotic systems and the most common approaches to those problems.

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