Test Server in Processing

This is a test server. I use it any time I have a client that needs to connect to a web server or chat server, and I want to see what the client is sending, byte for byte. You can modify it to send and receive whatever you need.

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 Creates a server that listens for clients and prints what they say. 
 It also sends the last client anything that's  typed on the keyboard.

  created 22 April 2006
  by Tom Igoe
// include the net library:
import processing.net.*;

int port = 8080;        // the port the server listens on
Server myServer;        // the server object
Client  thisClient;     // incoming client object 

void setup()
  myServer = new Server(this, port); // Start the server

void draw()
  // get the next client that sends a message:
  Client speakingClient = myServer.available();

  // if the message is not null, display what it sent:
  if (speakingClient !=null) {
    int whatClientSaid = speakingClient.read();
    // print who sent the message, and what they sent:
    println(speakingClient.ip() + "\t" + whatClientSaid);

// ServerEvent message is generated when a new client 
// connects to the server.
void serverEvent(Server myServer, Client someClient) {
  println("We have a new client: " + someClient.ip());
  thisClient = someClient;

void keyReleased() {
  // only send if there's a client to send to:
  if (thisClient != null) {
    // if return is pressed, send newline and carriage feed"
    if (key == '\n') {
    // send any other key as is:
    else {