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MKR GSM 1400 Pre-flight Checklist

I’ve been getting to know the MKR GSM 1400 boards better the past few days, and in the process I’ve assembled a “pre-flight checklist” of things you’ll want to do first, in order to make sure everything is ready to … Continue reading

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HTML Interface For a Digital Multimeter

It’s been a long time since my last post on this site. Time to update it a bit. Introduction Recently, some colleagues of mine and I were looking for a digital multimeter that could be used by people with low … Continue reading

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Programming a Christmas Tree

As we planned for Christmas this year, my partner suggested that maybe we should replace the lights for the tree. “While we’re at it,” she asked, “is there anything out there that’s more controllable than just the ones that twinkle … Continue reading

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Node.js on the Arduino Yún

Recently, Federico Fissore added node.js to the package repository for the Arduino Yún. Here’s how you get node to communicate with the Arduino processor on the Yún via the Bridge library. To do this, you’ll need an Arduino Yún, a … Continue reading

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What is “Real-Time”, Anyway?

Recently, a colleague of mine was working on a project with an Arduino Yún that involved reading a lot of sensor data using the Yún’s Arduino processor and writing it to the microSD card via the board’s Linux processor to … Continue reading

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BlinkyTape using NeoPixel Library

Blinkinlabs is shipping their product now after their successful KickStarter campaign, and I got mine in the mail a couple days ago. I had a few minutes and thought I’d get a basic example up and running. The Blinkinlabs documentation … Continue reading

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Sending Data Serially To Arduino

One question I get all the time is this: I know how to send data from Arduino to (Processing, OpenFrameworks, etc). But how to I send data from (Processing, OpenFrameworks, etc) to Arduino? Many people don’t seem to know that Arduino has … Continue reading

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Arduino Ethernet (and WiFi) and Your Favorite Band

Let’s say you’re a fan of one of the bands in The Deli magazine’s new bands poll. There are so many good bands there, like Teen Girl Scientist Monthly, and others. And let’s say you were looking for a project … Continue reading

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Sending Tweets from Arduino through

I get a lot of people asking me how to send tweets from an Arduino through an Ethernet or WiFi shield. It turns out to be a bit tricky, because Twitter uses OAuth to manage authentication, which is difficult to … Continue reading

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Using REST as a command protocol for web-to-serial applications

Updated 19 Jan 2014 The address you type into your browser’s address bar is often the location of a particular document on a server. For example, refers to an HTML document living in the main directory of my server, … Continue reading

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