XBee to USB modules

Droids.it has a breakout board for XBee radios, and a USB-to-Xbee board available.

The USB board is nice, because in addition to having a built-in 5V-to-3.3V regulator and indicator LEDs, it’s got all the pins of the XBee broken out on the side of the board. Makes development of XBee projects easier.

The breakout board also has its own regulator on board, making it easy to interface with a 5V project. It’s also got the serial pins broken out to a single row, making it easy to mount on the side of a breadboard.

The prices on both are reasonable for the European market. As the US dollar continues to sink, they’re a bit pricier for US customers, but still reasonable, for now.

Thanks to Rob Faludi and Jeff LeBlanc for testing help, and to Luigi Carnevale for supplying sample boards.

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  1. Thanks for all the help folks (I sure needed it), am working with the XBee API (just getting started) and it is a real “Bear” in the documentation department compared to what I’m used to. Very happy that I’ve been able to find a bit of help on the UART API stuff with XBee. I will be documenting my XBee progress, and will share it freely when I’m done (hopefully within a few months)…


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