Lantronix Test Program

This is a very simple program to test the serial-to-ethernet connections of a Lantronix device connected to an Arduino or Wiring board.

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  Lantronix Test Sketch
  This sketch is written for an Arduino connected to a Lantronix device.
  It simply says "hello" to any byte received in the serial port.
  To test, telnet into your Lantronix device and type any key. 
  You should get a "hello" for every byte sent.
  Note that there is a 2-second reset at the beginning of the program.
  Lantronix TX --> Arduino RX
  Lantronix RX --> Arduino TX
  Lantronix Reset --> Arduino pin 3
  By Tom Igoe
  Created 11 Sept. 2006

#define deviceResetPin 3

 void setup() {
   pinMode(deviceResetPin, OUTPUT);
 void loop() {
    // until you get a C, keep trying to connect:
    // read the serial port:
    if (Serial.available()) {
     char inByte =;
  Take the Lantronix device's reset pin low to reset it
void resetDevice() {
  digitalWrite(deviceResetPin, LOW);
  digitalWrite(deviceResetPin, HIGH);

  // pause to let Lantronix device boot up: